PyBEM2D - A new open-source python-based BEM library by Bin Wang

PyBEM2D is a open source boundary element library for two dimensional geometries. It is designed for academic users to quickly learn and test various BEM's techniques under the framework of Python. With the modular code structure and easy-to-use interfaces to PyBEM2D, it is easy to get started and added more features for academic users.

Currently available features include:

•Easy-to-use python interface for BEM meshing and post-processing

•Potential problem

•Classic point collocation method for BEM discretization

•Support for constant,linear and quadratic element types

•Corner treatment with double node algorithm [Brebbia, 1991]

•Near singular integration with adaptive element subdivision algorithm [Gao et al. 2014

•Multi-domain problem and parallel computing with domain decomposition method [Wang et al, 2018]

The codes can be found on