BEMHELM Software

The web page gives access to the BEMHELM routines. The software solved interior, exterior and modal Helmholtz equations in various dimensional spaces with various boundary conditions.


[ HIBEM2: Interior 2D Subroutine] [ HIBEM2_T: Interior 2D Test Program]
[ HEBEM2: Exterior 2D Subroutine] [ HEBEM2_T: Exterior 2D Test Program]
[ HMBEM2: Shell 2D Subroutine] [ HMBEM2_T: Shell 2D Test Program]

Utility routines: [ H2LC] [ CGLS] [ GEOM2D] [ INTEIG]


[ HIBEM3: Interior 3D Subroutine] [ HIBEM3_T: Interior 3D Test Program]
[ HEBEM3: Exterior 3D Subroutine] [ HEBEM3_T: Exterior 3D Test Program]
[ HMBEM3: Shell 3D Subroutine] [ HMBEM3_T: Shell 3D Test Program]

Utility routines: [ H3LC] [ CGLS] [ GEOM3D] [ INTEIG]

Axisymmetric 3D

[ HIBEMA: Interior 3D Axisymetric Subroutine] [ HIBEMA_T: Interior 3D AxisymetricTest Program]
[ HEBEMA: Exterior 3D Axisymetric Subroutine] [ HEBEMA_T: Exterior 3D Axisymetric Test Program]
[ HMBEMA: Shell 3D Axisymetric Subroutine] [ HMBEMA_T: Shell 3D AxisymetricTest Program]

Utility routines: [ H3ALC] [ CGLS] [ GEOM2D] [ GEOM3D] [ INTEIG]