Chapter 1
The Boundary Element Method

1.1  Introduction

This is an on-line manual for the Fotran library for solving the Helmholtz equation by the Boundary Element Method. This includes the core codes H2LC.FOR (2D), H3LC.FOR (3D) and H3ALC.FOR (3D axisymmentric). And the operational codes HIBEM2.FOR (2D, interior), HIBEM3.FOR (3D, exterior), HEBEM3.FOR (3D, exterior), HIBEMA.FOR (3D axisymmetric, interior) and HEBEMA.FOR (3D axisymmetric, exterior).The document below gives an introduction to the boundary element method.

For an introduction to Fortran, see

Fortran Tutorial

For an introduction to the Helmholtz equation, see

Helmholtz Equation

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