1.3  Software

Computer software that implements the BEM for Helmholtzs equation is described in this manual. Some of the codes can be directly downloaded. The codes are written in Fortran 77 and it is recommended that users have a working knowledge of this programming language to obtain full benefit from the codes. The are three main subroutines that deal with computing the discrete Helmholtz operators in each dimensional space:

H2LC in file H2LC.FOR for general two-dimensional problems,

H3LC in file H3LC.FOR for general three-dimensional problems,

H3ALC in file H3ALC.FOR for axisymmetric three-dimensional problems.

The methods employed in the codes and the way the way in which they should be used is described in Chapter 3.

For each of the codes a test problem is implemented in which the simple solution and Dirichlet boundary condition is generated by

f(p) = p2        in two dimensions,

f(p) = p3        in three dimensions,
with the Helmholtz equation governing the domain interior to a closed boundary. The main programs H2LC_T (in file H2LC_T.FOR ) solves the two-dimensional problem with the boundary a circle. H3LC_T (in file H3LC_T.FOR ) solves the three-dimensional problem with the boundary a cube. H3ALC_T (in file H3ALC_T.FOR ) solves the axisymmetric three-dimensional problem with the boundary a sphere. Further details on the test problems and the results are given in Chapter 3.

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