BEMLAP Open Source Software

The web page gives access to the routines for solving Laplace problems.


[ LIBEM2: Interior 2D Subroutine] [ LIBEM2_T: Interior 2D Test Program]
Utility routines: [ L2LC] [ GLS] [ GEOM2D]


[ LIBEM3: Interior 3D Subroutine] [ LIBEM3_T: Interior 3D Test Program]
[ LEBEM3: Exterior 3D Subroutine] [ LEBEM3_T: Exterior 3D Test Program]
[ LSEM3: Shell 3D Subroutine] [ LSEM3_T: Shell 3D Test Program]

Utility routines: [ L3LC] [ GLS] [ GEOM3D] [ GLT25]

Axisymmetric 3D

[ LIBEMA: Interior 3D Axisymetric Subroutine] [ LIBEMA_T: Interior 3D AxisymetricTest Program]
[ LEBEMA: Exterior 3D Axisymetric Subroutine] [ LEBEMA_T: Exterior 3D Axisymetric Test Program]
[ LSEMA: Shell 3D Axisymetric Subroutine] [ LSEMA_T: Shell 3D AxisymetricTest Program]

Utility routines: [ L3ALC] [ GLS] [ GEOM2D] [ GEOM3D] [ GLT25]

Test Programs for Core Routines

Test routines for core codes H2LC, H3LC and H3ALC: [ L2LC_T] [ L3LC_T] [ L3ALC_T]